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Down in Southern Louisiana, the salt dome under Bayou Corne has collapsed creating a massive sinkhole, which effectively and progressively is destroying the bayou itself, the neighborhoods and miles of forest surrounding it. Only a few bloggers and local newspapers seem to be following the events as they unravel, and the emergency repair work seems to be futile. Remember this folks, this is going to become a huge story in the not too distant future. People, who bought homes unaware of the dangerous storage facilities that were hollowed out under their land, have been evacuated from their homes and face the possibility of losing them through no fault of their own. Insurance companies won’t renew their insurance, while the mortgage companies insist the homes must be insured. And they cannot even live in their own homes. Beyond the human toll, the effect on the environment is immeasurable as diesel, methane and other large quantities of toxic materials continue to migrate through the waterways. Just looking at the videos and pictures doesn’t begin to show the devastation below the surface. This sinkhole demonstrates the careless practices of the companies that manage and profit from the U.S energy economy; their total disregard for people and our environment. No surprise, we’re just here to feed their coffers.  provides succinct and revealing commentary:

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FYI from the official Assumption Parish website:   On May 31st of this year, parish officials were notified of areas of bubbling spots in the Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou waterways. Early on, it was determined that the bubbling was caused by a release of natural gas and not “swamp gas”. Monitoring for carbon monoxide, H2Sm and Lower Explosive Levels (LEL) at the bubbling spots began on June 22, 2012. During this monitoring, no dangerous levels were detected. Residents within the community experienced and reported tremors and the parish requested the assistance of USGS in determining the locations and probable cause(s) for this seismic activity. USGS immediately detected seismic activity through their monitors and began recording this data; however, no probable cause was able to be detected.

Early in the morning on Friday, August 3, 2012, Assumption Parish Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness Director John Boudreaux was notified by local industry that a sinkhole had formed overnight in the swamp in the area. The hole was discovered after a strong diesel smell was experienced in the proximity of the sinkhole. On that same day, parish officials called for a mandatory evacuation of residents in the community and parish officials requested the assistance of state agencies in the activities involved in this emergency.